Professional Bike Fitting

We believe that nobody should settle for anything other that total comfort on their bike, regardless of whether you're new to the sport, regular commuter or pro rider. With Shimano's bike fitting equipment we can provide a range of service to increase comfort, improve performance and reduce injuries whilst riding your bike.

Our Services

Complete Fit


A Complete Fit will measure your body height, upper body, leg & arm length, shoulder width and foot size on our 2D Body Analyzer. Based on those metrics we then provide you with a full diagram of your suggested bike set up no matter if it's a mountain bike, commute or road bike. We will then take time to optimise your position on a current bike or guide the purchase of a new bike to ensure you get the right size and set up for you requirements.


Shoe Cleat Adjustment


A good cycling position starts with the correct positioning of the feet on the pedals and it is therefore extremely important that the cleats are properly adjusted so that the feet can move around the pedals in the most natural, efficient and comfortable way.


Whether you're purchasing new shoes or replacing your cleats, getting your cleats fitted by a trained member of staff with our Shoe Cleat Adjuster will provide you with less friction, more comfort and an improved power transfer.

Saddle Selection


Our Saddle Selector accurately measures your sit bone width and combines this with you flexibility and preferred riding position to advise the most appropriate saddle. Using the correct saddle for you, will reduce the chance of saddle sores, pain and injuries, whilst also allowing you to pedal more efficiently.





Complete fit - £125.00


  • Intake
  • Shoe Cleat Adjustment
  • Saddle Selection
  • Complete Fit
  • Evaluation
  • The results of the Complete Fit will be summarized in a report that includes a size advice when purchasing a new bike as well as detailed advice on any improvements or optimalisation opportunities for your bike set up and cycling position on the bike.


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