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Compact and easy to carry, a Brompton can be taken inside anywhere. The beautifully crafted frame is durable, comfortable and will last a lifetime of riding.




Bromptons Available Instore

We've got a great range of Bromptons now available instore. We can also order custom models as well as the full range of Brompton accessories. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a Brompton related enquiry.


Brompton P-Line Urban


Brompton C-Line Explorer


Brompton C-Line Explorer

£1350.00  £1215.00

Brompton C-Line Explorer

£1350.00 £1215.00

Brompton C-Line Explorer


Brompton C-Line Explorer



We have a full range of Brompton accessories and spares available instore include replacement parts for servicing. We also have a range of luggage and travel accessories:


Brompton Roll Top Bag Khaki 




Stylish about-town bag for everyday use.

Brompton Shoulder Bag Black




Classic satchel style; perfect for a day in the city.


B&W Brompton Hard-Case




High quality lockable ABS case with aluminium frame designed for safe travel with your Brompton.



For any other Brompton related enquiries please contact us on 020 8990 9720, or email us at

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